The main objective is to clear all the tiles from a layout within the given time.

You remove tiles by selecting two free tiles of the same kind. A free tile must have atleast one side unblocked in order to be matched.

In order to unlock the next layout, you have to clear all the tiles of the current layout within the given time, this way you will progress in the game gaining more points and reaching more advanced levels. Use Boosters for faster progression .




It’s a free booster, when you are playing a level and make a match which you don’t want to make you can tap the Undo button on the top left of the screen to go back one step.


This booster comes in handy when there are no possible matches left. You can tap the Shuffle button on the top of the screen and all the remaining tiles will be shuffled so remaining matching tiles comes up.

Note: 1 free shuffle is given per level, it triggers automatically when there are no possible matches left for the first time in a level or you can use it before that also by tapping the Shuffle button. 

If free shuffle is already used in a level and if a puzzle needs to be shuffled, then the shuffle should be purchased using 50 coins.


It’s a very useful booster when you get stuck and you are not able to find matching tiles, when you tap the hint button on the top of the screen the game shows you a matching pair of tiles by making them glow so they are easily noticeable.

3 hints are awarded when you start playing the game for the first time, after that you can buy it directly from the level screen for just 10 coins.

Half Hint:

It is a very useful booster when you are stuck and you are unable to find matching tiles,half hint highlights(easily noticeable) a single tile which has a match in the puzzle. 3 half hints are awarded when the booster is unlocked, after that it can be purchased directly from the level screen for just 50 coins.


Swoosh is the most amazing power up in the history of Mahjong Powerups, When you tap on the Power-up button in the game it fires up instantly and makes 5 matches one after the other for you, that means with just one powerup usage you clear 10 tiles from the puzzle. Use Swoosh powerup to save time and score big.


Joker is a Pre-game power-up.This booster lets you match itself to any free tile on the screen which may/may not have a match in that layer and may be hidden in below layers. 3 Joker tiles are awarded when it is unlocked, it can be purchased from play pop-up for 100 coins.


Swap booster replaces any 2 tiles of different symbol, it can be either locked or unlocked tiles. We have given 3 for free, after that it can be purchased directly from level screen for just 50 coins.


This is the most useful booster as this replaces 1 symbol to another in all the layers, thus reduces the symbols to match and when used continuously it replaces all the tiles to one particular symbol which again makes it easier to solve the puzzle. There will be 3 substitutes given for free, after that it can be purchased directly from level screen for 150 coins.

Open Slot:


Open Slot is a Pre-game power-up. With this booster You can move a tile to the open slot and reveal the tile that is underneath. Tile saved on the free slot can be matched any time during the game and no other tile can be placed in open slot until the tile in open slot is matched with it's pair. 3 free open slot's are given for free when it is unlocked, after that it can be purchased for 150 coins.

Auto Hint:

It is a Pre-game power-up.Auto hint reveals a tile which has matching pair in the puzzle every few seconds of inactivity.3 free Auto hint's are given for free when it is unlocked, after that it can be purchased for 150 coins.


Lives allow you to play Mahjong quest over and over again. You lose a life when you don’t complete a level and time runs out. You can buy full set of lives for 149 coins.

How to get more lives?

You can wait until they refill automatically(but who wants to wait when it is so much fun to play).

Ask your friends or even better thing is to send them a life and they will certainly send you a surprise gift.

Go to the score and buy lives.

Unlimited Lives

Now, we have a new range of lives set apart from full set of lives i.e 1 day of unlimited lives, 3 days of unlimited lives, 7 days of unlimited lives and 30 days of unlimited lives.

Bonus levels:

It is a new game mode in our game, where you get to play Memory match with 'X' number of taps. You will have 3 bonus levels in each chapter and bonus levels will be unlocked only when enough stars are achieved in Mahjong game.  

How many levels do you  have?

Mahjong Quest has 1200+ levels which are fun and challenging.

Can i get some rewards?

We have exciting rewards on map from 15th level and you will receive different rewards at different levels and also you can receive rewards through notifications which we send everyday.