The story is described according to each chapter for players who have already completed sections of Sudoku Quest prior to the change in story and would like to catch up.

If you are a new player you are warned that this article contains spoilers!




SUMMARY - You are entrusted with the task of defeating Drako, a dark wizard who has taken over a once peaceful land! Make your way through mysterious locales and rally the aide of the denizens to help you on your quest.


Map 1 (Level 1 to 60) - You are off to find Chief Coco, ruler of his tribe and caretaker of the forest. Find him and prove to him that you are worthy enough to challenge Drako!


Map 2 (Level 61 to 120) - You are off to find Captain Longbeard and enlist his help in reaching Drako’s lair.


Map 3 (Level 121 to 180) - You enter Othal, the breathtaking desert in the east. You have to find the Pharaoh and ask for his help.


Map 4 (Level 181 to 240) - You make your way to Drako’s Lair through the frozen pass by recruiting the help of Erin, a native scout.


Map 5 (Level 241 to 300) - You enter Drako’s Lair! Find the evil wizard and defeat him!


Map 6 (Level 301 to 360) - Drako revealed his true form, a fire-breathing dragon! As he escaped, he vowed to destroy all your allies! You set off to save Erin and meet an interesting character along the way.


Map 7 (Level 361 to 420) - You saved Erin from Drako’s clutches and are off to save the Pharaoh. You meet his bodyguard who pledges her help to you.


Map 8 (Level 421 to 480) - You find out that Captain Longbeard has been taken hostage by Drako. On your way, you rescue survivors from Drako’s assault.  


Map 9 (Level 481 to 540) - Chief Coco is in trouble and you’re the only one who can save him. Rally your friends…the final battle is at hand!